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Rust is a survival game created by the independent game studio Facepunch. Rust is an online multiplayer game, so there will be people just like you trying to survive. These people can find and kill you in the game, steal your belongings and loot your house. Likewise, you can kill and loot them. Thanks to the online mechanics, everyone has the opportunity to create their own friend group and team. As Rust's world is harsh and challenging, it will be easier to survive as a group.

In short, due to its competitive world, Rust's atmosphere fills the players with excitement. But there are dozens of things you need to learn. Weapons, food, medical, buildings, and more await players in the cold and radiation-filled world of Rust.

If you are new to Rust, then we can say that you are on the right page. You may not understand anything about the game yet, but don't worry, TotalRust Wiki has all the pages and information you need.

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What is TotalRust?

You may have noticed that Rust is similar in features to Minecraft and is a survival game with an apocalyptic scenario. Rust's variety in the game is so great that it can take you hundreds of hours to learn all the content. That's why most beginners don't have that much time to spare. TotalRust was established so that both casual and pro players could answer any question they might have about the game.

TotalRust provides you with all the valuable information in the game and prepares you for the game. You can easily access detailed guides about weapons, items, buildings, environmental conditions, and other mechanics. Likewise, it is possible to learn how much the USD equivalent of any skin you see in Rust is. Of course, everything is not limited to these.

This is because the TotalRust Wiki is a large platform. Therefore, you can get answers to your more specific questions. For example, you can easily learn the upcoming patch notes or even the drop rate of an item in the game by looking at the TotalRust Wiki.

How does TotalRust work?

TotalRust receives regular updates according to the incoming innovations. All information on our site is created in parallel with the data in Rust's own system. For example, on February 3, 2022, Rust received the Arctic update. You can find such news or innovations with all the details on TotalRust.

In addition, the most important thing is that the changes made in the game are immediately added to our site because Rust is a game that is constantly updated, and new items are added. That's why you can quickly master all the details of the innovations by using the TotalRust Wiki.

Let's try to explain a little more simply through the example of the Arctic update we gave; A new map region, the Poles, was recently added to Rust. And naturally, a lot of new items have been included in the game. The most important of these items is Snowmobiles. Likewise, some skins that you can buy permanently have been added to the Rust store. You can find such information on TotalRust easily.

Why should you use TotalRust?

Because as TotalRust, we have gathered all the information about items and skins in one place. Now you won't have to go to a different site when you want to get information about skins. Whether you're looking for an in-game guide to Rust or searching for the prices of Rust Skins, you can find them all here.

We use data from third-party sites together with the Steam Community Market, especially for Rust skin prices. This allows us to provide you with more up-to-date and more accurate price information.

For example, let's say you want to browse the Cookie Maker Furnace skin. You can search for the item you want by going to the search section at the top right of our site. When you type Cookie Maker Furnace and go to the item's page, you will be greeted with a lot of details.

On this page, you can find dozens of details about item information, skin price, Furnace drop rate, repair details, craft operations, and recycle. All under one page. This is exactly what TotalRust offers you.

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TotalRust is one of the most detailed and fastest Wikis in the industry for the game Rust. It contains all the information from Loot, Craft Ingredients, Recycler, Weapons Mod, Damage, and Repair. The most amazing feature of TotalRust is that it helps players about all the skins available in Rust in terms of price. You may be wondering how this is done.

For example, let's take the LR-300 Assault Rifle, one of the most used weapons in Rust. If you search for this on our site and scroll down to the bottom of the page that opens, a section will appear. In this section, you can view all the skins released for the LR-300 throughout Rust's history, along with their prices.

Moreover, it does not end there. A new section will appear if you scroll down the page a little more. If you can look at the table in the section in detail, you can view the details of the prices of the LR-300 skins. These prices are taken from the industry's most important Rust skins selling sites, including Steam. By viewing the Rust items they want, users can determine the best price on the internet and complete their purchase. Currently, the only site that can provide you with this service is TotalRust Wiki.