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Stack size1,000
Despawn time20 min


How to Get Scrap in Rust?

You can find scraps everywhere in Rust. You can loot them especially from Crate, Tool Box, Chest, Barrel, Supply Drop, Scientist and Guard.

What Gives the Most Scrap in Rust?

Scraps are usually found in barrels, military and regular crates. You can find most Scrap from Elite military crates to x25.

What Can You Recycle for Scrap in Rust?

Another way to produce scraps is to Recycle items such as Electric Fuse, Tech Trash, Gears, Metal Spring, Metal Pipe, Sheet Metal, Road Signs, Metal Blade, Empty Propane Tank and RF Pager.

How to Farm Scrap in Rust?

You can often find scraps in barrels, crates, and military crates. Barrels yield one or two scraps on average. If you want to speed up this process, you should go around by opening all the barrels and cases on the map. And you must Recycle all the items you collect. In this way, you can collect scraps very quickly.