Pure Scrap Tea

Item Information
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Scrap yield+200%   30 min
Stack size10
Despawn time5 min

How Does Pure Scrap Tea Work in Rust?

Pure Scrap Tea increases your Hydration level by +30 and the chance of Scrap Yield by +200%. It only does this for 30 minutes. Considering that Scrap is the most important resource in the game, Pure Scrap Tea is a very critical item. When you want to craft it, you will need x32 Yellow Berry, x32 White Berry and Mixing Table.

Pure Scrap Tea has an effect on Barrels when used at different levels. Normally Barrels drop a maximum of 2 Scraps at a time.

  • Basic Scrap Tea: Increases your chance to drop Scraps you farm by 30%. This gives you a chance to drop 1 extra Scrap.
  • Advanced Scrap Tea: With this tea, you will have a 100% chance to drop 1 Scrap, and a 20% chance to drop 2 Scraps.
  • Pure Scrap Tea: With this last level Scrap Tea, your chance to drop 2 Scraps will increase by 100%.

Other important info:

  • When you die, all the effects of the tea you drink are gone.
  • When you hold a tea in your hotbar, like a meal, you can drink it quickly.
  • You cannot drink the same type of tea buffs in a row. Drinking one will remove the other's buff.
  • If you consume extra tea, the 30-minute time will be reset, and it will not extend the time.